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Dr. Michael Thorsland, Superintendent

Welcome to the School District of Oconee County; we appreciate your interest in learning more about our district.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I have the privilege of supporting our 1500+ employees as we work to provide the best educational opportunities possible to our 10,300+ students.   My wife and I moved to this community when our children were six, four, three, and one; only the youngest is still at home with us. Oconee County has been a wonderful place for us to raise our family and Oconee County schools provided a great environment for our children's education. 

Oconee's rural environment is largely free from the “hustle and bustle” of many communities, but is not far from major cities if you need to get to one. Greenville, Atlanta and Charlotte are all within a couple of hours and the beautiful beaches of South Carolina are less than a five hour drive. Located at the base of the southern Appalachians, the county is  blessed with beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. Hikes to waterfalls, rafting a scenic river, or water skiing on a pristine lake can all be done in our county. I can attest that Oconee County is a beautiful place to live!

Michael Thorsland, Superintendent


Michael Thorsland and family

Dr. Michael Thorsland joined the School District of Oconee in 2005 as Assistant Superintendent for Operations.  He moved into the role of superintendent in 2014.  He holds a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University, Masters of Education from the University of South Carolina, and Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education Mathematics from Clemson University.  Before coming to Oconee County, Dr. Thorsland served as a principal, assistant principal, teacher and coach in two other  South Carolina school  districts.  He and his wife Denise have four children, all who have attended Oconee County schools.