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To register for a VirtualSDOC course, students need to complete the following process

If you did not request a VirtualSDOC course during the IGP process, please be sure to let your counselor know that you would like to take a virtual class so they can help you adjust your schedule if necessary.

Step 1  Create a student account with VirtualSC 

If you already have an account, move on to Step 2.

It is very important that you use your school email to create the account. You will not be able to login to personal accounts on your district issued Chromebook. This will prevent you from receiving important communication from your instructor(s).

Visit VirtualSC and click the Sign Up tab.

  1. Choose New Student Enrollment.
  2. Complete all required fields. Use the Add Parent/Guardian to add more than one parent to your account.
  3. At the end of the application, choose a password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long.  You will receive a notification if the password is not strong enough. Be sure to save your  username and password in a secure place. Please note: usernames are auto-generated and can not be changed.

Step 2 Login to  VirtualSC Dashboard & request desired courses

VirtualSC Dashboard

  • Choose the correct term for the course you wish to take.   All Virtual SDOC terms will begin with  "District (Franchise)" followed by the school year (i.e. 2022-2023)
  •  Choose the courses you wish to take in that term.
  • Students will receive notification from VirtualSC once they have been approved to participate in the class.
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Please note: A course may be cancelled if there is not enough student enrollment for a specific term.   Students will receive notification if a course they enrolled in does not have enough student interest to be offered.


Step 3 Complete Student Orientation through VIrtualSC

VirtualSC Student Orientation

If you already have already completed the student orientation in the past, you are not required to complete it again.

VirtualSC Student Tutorial Videos

VitualSC has created several videos to help students navigate the registration process.  You may also reach out to your counselor for help.