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Absence Request Form
Activity Bus Request Form
Administrator Goal Setting Worksheet
ASL Sub Interpreter Procedures
Athletic Participant Application and Permission - Homeschool
Attendance Procedures

Budget Revision Form
Bullying Incident Report Form

Chromebook Fee Free & Reduced Payment Plan
Chromebook Fee Payment Plan
Classified Employee Performance Evaluation
Coaches Declaration of Employment Interest
Colonial Life Claim Forms
Consultant or Contracted Services Voucher

Department Voucher for Invoices
Direct Deposit Authorization (Option is now available to make changes in Payroll Portal)

Emergency Restrictive Intervention Report
Employee Absence Notification
Employee Time Sheets
Exempt Fundraiser Waiver - District Google Form
Expenditure Reimbursement Request
Expulsion Recommendation Student Data Summary (once it opens in Google Docs, download as a MSWord Document to complete it)
Extra Pay Request Form 
Extra Pay Request Form - Federal 

Facility Rental Form
Field Trip Permission Form (English and Spanish)
Field Trip Request Form
Fire Drill Template
Fixed Asset Change Sheet

Grievance Form (504)
Grievance Form - (504) Spanish
Employee Grievance Form (Policy GBK-E)

Home Based Teachers

Home School Information
Homebound Form - Medical
Homebound - Payroll Form with Instructions
Homebound - Payroll Form - Employees
Homebound Procedures
Homebased- Payroll Form - Employees
Homebound Instruction Report

IEP Translation Request
Insurance Enrollment and Claim Forms
Invoice Edit Request Form

Journal Entry Form

Kindergarten Waiver

Leave of Absence Request Form
Leave of Absence - FMLA Fact Sheet
Letter 6 Form

McKinney-Vento Act Identification Form
McKinney-Vento Act Identification Form - Spanish

Name/Change Form (Portal required for address changes)
New Vendor W9 Form
New Vendor Request
Notice of Change in Personnel, Request for Replacement or Additional Personnel
Notification of Excessive Absences - Students

Overtime Compensatory Time Authorization Form

Parent Portal Signature Page
Parent Portal Signature Page - Spanish
Pay Dates (2022-2023)
Pay Dates (2023-2024)
Permission for Administration of Non-Prescription Meds
Permission for Administration of Non-Prescription Meds - Spanish
Permission for Administration of Prescription Meds
Permission for Administration of Prescription Meds - Spanish
Permission for Medication Outside of School Hours
Permission for Over-The-Counter Medication
Permission for Over-The-Counter Medication - Spanish
Physician's Authorization for Special Medical Procedures
Pupil Activity Journal Entry Request
Pupil Activity Transfer
Purchase Order Change Form



Release of Medical Records Form
Release of Medical Information Form 10A - Spanish
Renewal Credit Matrix
Request for Change Action
Request for Transfer (Professional personnel)
Required Documentation for Meal Purchases
Revenue Transmittal Form

School Inventory Form
Self Administration of Medication - Parent
Self Administration of Medication - Physician
Self Administration of Medication - Student
Special Education Forms
Special Needs Transportation Request
Student Accident Claim Form
Student Allergy Form - Spanish
Student Attendance Intervention Plan
Student Medical Information Form - English
Student Medical Information Form - Spanish
Student Support Team (SST) Forms
Student Suspension Letter to Parents (once opened, make a copy for your use)

Technology Help Ticket
Technology Ordering Sheet
Third Party Data Agreement
Timesheet-Classified Staff
Timesheet - Federal Funds
Timesheet - Universal 
Translation Request
Travel Reimbursement Procedures
Travel Reimbursement Form (Local  March 1st through June 30th)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Local Beginning July 1st 2022)
Travel Reimbursement - Mileage Chart (Local)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Overnight  March 1st through June 30th)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Overnight  Beginning July 1st 2022)



Vehicle Use - DMV Form
Vision Screening Referral - Spanish

W-4 FormW-9 Form
Warehouse Delivery Schedule
Warehouse Requisition Form
Warehouse Merchandise Return Form
Where to Turn for Help in Oconee County