School Board

From L to R:  Dean Bare, Meghan Ketterman, Buddy Herring, Denise McCormick, Sandra Sloan
All board members have completed the orientation requirement per SC Code of Laws, Section 15-19-45.

A Board of Trustees, consisting of five elected members, governs The School District of Oconee County. The five elected members will be elected every four years in the November general election. One member will be elected from each of the five county council districts. Trustee terms will be staggered with appropriate seats to be filled every two years.

The officers of the board are chairman, vice chairman and clerk. Each will be elected for a term of two years at the first board meeting following each November general election. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of the board.

The Board of Trustees normally holds two monthly meetings. A work session is held on the second Monday, and a regular board meeting is held on the third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are held at the District Office, 414 South Pine Street, Walhalla, SC. All meetings are open to the public except those executive sessions allowed under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act. Community members are provided opportunities to voice opinions at designated times during each board meeting. Notice of all meetings is given to the public, in advance, and any changes in the meeting schedule are announced through the news media.