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SDOC Positive COVID-19 Case Reporting

This information includes any SDOC student or employee that has been in a school building or district facility.  It will not include SDOC@Home students or employees that are working remotely.  Positive results reported to the school district by 3:00pm will be posted to this site the following morning.   Any positive results received after 3:00pm will not be posted for an additional school day.  (Ex. If a positive test is reported to the school district on Monday at 11:00am, it will be posted Tuesday morning.   If a positive test is reported at 5:00pm Monday, it will be posted Wednesday morning.)  A positive test result does not necessarily mean others have been exposed within school buildings.

SDOC positive cases as reported to the district from August 24, 2020 through January 3, 2021:
Total:  573                     Employees:  205                   Students:  368
Positive COVID-19 Tests
 DateSchool  Student or Employee
 04/13/2021 Seneca Middle Student
 04/12/2021 Walhalla Middle Student
 04/09/2021 West-Oak High Student
 04/08/2021 Seneca High Student
 04/08/2021 Seneca Middle Employee
 04/07/2021 Seneca Middle Student (not at school since 3/26)
 04/07/2021 Seneca Middle Student (not at school since 3/26)
 04/07/2021 Seneca Middle Employee (not at school since 3/26)
 04/06/2021 Westminster Elementary Employee (not at school since 3/26)
 04/06/2021West-Oak High Student (not at school since 3/26)

Classroom and School Closures 

 Date School Grade/Subject Return Date*
Please be aware that when SDOC is made aware of a positive individual in an early childhood classroom (PIP, 4K, K5, 1st, 2nd), that classroom is moved to distance learning for a period of 10 days from when the positive individual was last in the classroom.  
*Unless otherwise directed by the school