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Comprehensive Health

Elementary Resources:

Harcourt Health and Fitness -- Kindergarten Program (State/Textbook ID: 0550000)

Harcourt Health and Fitness, Grade 1 -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID: 0550010)

Harcourt Health and Fitness, Grade 2 -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID: 0550020)

Harcourt Health and Fitness, Grade 3 -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID: 0550030)

Harcourt Health and Fitness, Grade 4 -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID: 0550040)

Harcourt Health and Fitness, Grade 5 -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID: 0550050)

Middle and High Resources:

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Decisions for Health, Middle School -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID:
0-03-077969-3(6th);0-03-066816-6(7th); 0-03-077972-3(8th)

Glenvoe McGraw Hill, Health and Wellness, High School -- Student Edition (State/Textbook ID:0-07-830861-5)

Clemson's Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Education, 2009 Edition

Staff Developed Materials on:
  • Peer Pressure and Sex
  • Prenatal Care and Birth
  • Methods of Birth Control
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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The School District of Oconee County High School Comprehensive Health curriculum has been designed as an online course for students in grades 9-12 to meet the requirements of the South Carolina Comprehensive Health Education Act. This course includes copyrighted materials and resources; therefore, students and parents must access the course through Canvas, Oconee’s secure and password-protected learning management system. 

Anyone wishing to view the SDOC Comprehensive Health curriculum should contact Lisa Simmons, SDOC Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.