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Charged Meals Procedures

School District of Oconee County Charged Meals Procedures

Charged Meals are defined as meals which cannot be properly accounted for because the student has no money to pay for school meals.
  • Students may charge up to $25 in meals.
  •  Notifications through “One Call” as well as at least one written notice will be used to notify parents of accounts with a negative balance.
  • When an account reaches a negative balance of $25 the student will be limited to the #1 hot entrée only – this is the top entrée item listed on the menu.
  • When an account reaches a negative balance of $25 the student will receive the alternative meal, the #1 choice being offered that day until the account is paid in full or until arrangements are made with the food service office and/or cafeteria manager.
  • Students on free meal status with a negative balance will receive a regular meal.
  • Any student with a negative balance will not be permitted to purchase any extra items (i.e. second meals, a la carte items, etc.
Procedures for handling charged meals in elementary and secondary schools are developed for the purpose of dealing with this situation on a consistent basis so that students will not be embarrassed or humiliated when charging school meals.

Please Note: Parents can keep up with their student’s lunch account at
In an on-line secure environment, parents can prepay for student meals using credit/debit cards, view current account balances, set up recurring payments when the account reaches a low balance threshold, view student meal purchases, and set spending limits.