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Fiscal Transparency Reporting

In accordance with South Carolina law (Spending Transparency Act No. 23), the School District of Oconee County posts non-salary expenditures of $100 or more as well as purchasing card statements each month. These online records will remain available for five years.

All expenditures made on the transparency reports are paid using a 16-digit account structure established by the SC Department of Education. The funding source of each transaction is indicated by the account code. Only account codes beginning with "100" are General Fund expenditures which are funded from local tax collections and State revenue. Any other expenditures not paid from the General Fund are funded from Federal revenue, other State grants, special revenue or student activity collections. These types of expenditures are not paid from local tax dollars.

This example shows you how to read the transparency report transactions. 
Information can be found at these links for funds, functions, objects, locations and modifiers

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Please contact Gloria Moore, Chief Financial Officer, should you have any questions or require additional information at 864.886.4400.