Student Health Services

Mission Statement:
To provide competent and compassionate care to our students that will assist in their optimal health, and enhance their learning ability so that they will be able to advance academically.

Vision Statement:
To promote and protect student health and wellness by providing evidence based nursing care that will facilitate student health and academic success.

SDOC Mental Heath Resources

News & Information:
Screening:  School nurses will perform screenings at the request of SDOC faculty.  If you wish for your child NOT to be screened, please notify your school nurse.

The school nurse will keep Vaseline or chap stick, lotion and hand sanitizer, as well as soap and water readily available for each student to use, as needed.  If you have a conflict with the supplies listed, please notify your school nurse.

School nurses will close the health room 30 minutes each day for lunch, and again at the end of the school day to allow him/her time for documentation.  Your student is welcome to visit any time the office is open.  ONLY EMERGENCIES will be seen during the times in which the office is closed.  The nurse keeps a radio with him/her, so that administration can notify him/her of any emergencies.