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Westminster Elementary Uses Comic Books to Encourage Reading

posted May 2, 2016, 6:35 AM by Deborah Wickliffe   [ updated May 2, 2016, 6:47 AM ]
Reading is an extremely important component of success in school. However, sometimes it is hard to find good reading materials for students that are not only on student reading levels, but that are engaging and exciting. About a month ago, Westminster Elementary tackled this problem in a creative way.

Jenni Clay, the WES reading coach, received donations from the community and started the WES Comic Book Club. Ms. Clay said, “It is important for kids to read but sometimes hard to engage them in reading for fun. Comic books are a great way to interest them in reading.”

Girls and boys meet once a week on different days. During club time, the members learn about the parts of a comic book, the difference between comics and graphic novels, the many careers involved with comics, and what qualities make heroes and warriors.

The schools in the West-Oak High School cluster recently formed a “Warrior Strong” collaborative to build a sense of community among the schools. WES Comic Book Club members are also learning how they can be their own heroes and show “Warrior Strong” qualities throughout their lives.

Ms. Clay said, “These students will leave this club with a love for this genre, a joy for reading, increased self-esteem, and confidence in themselves. “

The issue with new ideas in education, however, is always funding. The WES Comic Book Club received support from the community to get the club started. At this time, members receive comic books and graphic novels to read and journals to write in, all at no cost. As there is a waiting list, the school hopes to pursue more funding in order to be able to open the club up to more members.

If you would like to know more about the club or to provide donations to help students on the waiting list, please contact Jenni Clay at Westminster Elementary School.