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West-Oak Middle School Beta Club Diaper Drive

posted Dec 7, 2017, 5:31 AM by The School District of Oconee County, SC
West-Oak Middle School Beta Club Members
Beta Club members from West-Oak Middle School participated in a diaper and wipe drive for the month of November.  Members were encouraged to bring diapers or wipes to support foster families and foster children in need in our community.

Beta Club advisor, Jason Ray, takes to heart the need of foster care, since his family is and have been foster parents for the last 4 years.  "I get to see everyday the need, the heart break and hardships that children endure when they are ripped out of their homes and schools and placed with a stranger; a stranger who wants to care for their basic needs and show them love in the process."  He goes on to say, "Currently, there are over 100 children from Oconee County in foster care and less than 40 foster homes.  There is a huge burden placed on foster families, and this is a small but much needed gesture that the students and families of West-Oak Middle School have done."

The Beta Club of West-Oak Middle School focuses on helping or serving others and what better way to help, than helping children in our community.  The students and families of West-Oak Middle School donated over 100 packs of diapers and over 120 packs of wipes to Fostering Faithfully.  The items donated will be placed in the resource closet where foster families come and get items as children come and go in their homes.