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Students Compete in 2017 Math Madness: Math Wars

posted May 3, 2017, 11:35 AM by Deborah Wickliffe   [ updated May 8, 2017, 5:21 AM ]
SDOC hosts Math Madness each year to spark interest in mathematics.  This spring, 375 third through fifth grade students throughout all ten elementary schools participated in "Math Madness:  Math Wars."  The day of friendly competitions included challenges of problem solving and computation in a timed format.  The students competed for individual and team mathematics awards. 

"Our annual Math Madness Competition will go down in the books as another successful year, with over a 1,000 students, volunteers, and spectators in attendance. We are fortunate to have a district that sets aside an entire day to celebrate academics by bringing bobcats, warriors, and razorbacks together for fun and friendly competition," said Jody Shirley, STEM Specialist for SDOC.

Pictured below are the winners within each competition level and grade.

ALGORITHMS:  3rd Grade Winners

Top Row: Alvaro Colin-NES, Brett Winegard-WES, Abi Blackwell- OPE, Coltyn Hawk-BRE, and Grant Duvall-NSE

Bottom Row: Tyler Johnson- NES, Issac Kanagy- WAES, Ross Wilson- WAES, Jemma Bowman-FOE, and Kamryn Cagle-KES

ALGORITHMS:  4th Grade Winners

Top Row: Kari Bridgman-KES, Jimmy Garrison-NSE, Alyssa Cox-OPE, and Gracie Roach-WAES

Bottom Row: Ivan Colin-NSE, Brett Raymark-RES, Keyla Zhao-NSE, Braedan Leroy-RES, and Xander Clarkson-KES

ALGORITHMS:  5th Grade Winners

Top Row: Chandler Rivenbark-RES, Turner Wilson-RES, Spear Whitaker-JMB, Peyton Mann-KES, and Leah Broome-WES

Bottom Row: Elijah Poore-WAES, Parker Wright-WAES, Logan Addis-KES, Claire Lindsey - NES, and Justin Sanford -WES

PROBLEM SOLVING: 3rd Grade Winners

Top Row: Kamryn Cagle-KES, Kinsley Tatum-WAES, Brett Winegard-WES, Macari Mayfield-OPE, and Titus Keylon-WAES

Bottom Row: Chloe Andrews-WES, Ross Wilson-WAES, Jason Wilkes BRE, Ava Barrett-TSE, and Mary Grace Hoxit-OPE

PROBLEM SOLVING: 4th Grade Winners

Top Row: Brett Raymark-RES, Macie Ellen White-NSE, Keyla Zhao-NSE, Alyssa Cox-OPE, and Mark Beatriz-JMB

Bottom Row: Ivan Colin-NSE, Glen Dougherty-KES, Sophia Pontin-KES, Jimmy Garrison-NSE, and Braedan Leroy-RES
PROBLEM SOLVING: 5th Grade Winners
Top Row: Peyton Mann-KES, Parker Wright-WAES, Leah Broome-WES, Claire Lindsey-NSE, Erin Redmond-FOE, and Cesar Vite-RES:

Bottom Row: Justin Sanford WES, Logan Addis-KES, Thatcher Wittrock-OPE, and Austin Tollison-W

TEAM COMPETITION:  3rd Grade Winners

James M. Brown Elementary: Addison Lee, Logan Marsengill, Kaden Dickson, Gage Smith, and  Brady Hopkins

TEAM COMPETITION:  4th Grade Winners

Ravenel Elementary: Nathaniel Blackwell, Markham Eleazer, Bridget Sehorn, Cooper Henderson, and Braedan Leroy

TEAM COMPETITION:  5th Grade Winners

Keowee ElementaryRiley Mathis, Logan Addis, Xander Williams, Walton Bost and Collin Enders