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Seneca Middle School Students Named to All-County Chorus

posted Oct 4, 2018, 1:02 PM by The School District of Oconee County, SC
To be the best of the best - most musicians and musical groups harbor such aspirations.  The choral program at Seneca Middle School is no exception.  Recently, a large number of its members were named to the All-County middle school choir following a competitive audition process.  In fact, 38 of the 66 middle school students named to the choir are from Seneca Middle where they are led by Choral Director Carla Brock.  As members of the All-County Choir, these students spent an entire day together with a renowned choral clinician and then performed in a joint concert with the All-County high school choral group showing all in attendance just why these students are the best of the best.  As eighth grader Lindsey Rackley put it, "It was an amazing experience and singing with other people is pure joy."

The Seneca Middle School students who were named to the All-County middle school choir are:  Nadia Alexander, Luke Bleuel, Vanessa Bravo, Makayla Brewer, Ian Brock, Savannah Burress, Campbell Crenshaw, Drake Denney, Lacey Edwards, Isaiah Glenn, Mary Alice Harben, Marett Hart, Rhiannon Hicks, Sean Hoffman, Dalton Land, Jack Lee, Madelyn LeRoy, Devon Lewis, Amy Long, Megan McConnell, Madison McNair, Mallie Merck, Reid Merck, Ally Moore, Elliott Moulder, Grace Orrey, Emma Padgett, Mattie Padgett, Lindsey Rackley, Reese Robinson, Delane Rosemond, Carolina Ross, Olivia Sires, Taylor Sires, McKenzie Sluder, Stella Smith, Kaydee Stanton, Turner Wilson.