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Local Educator Wins Big in Big Game Contest

posted Dec 18, 2019, 10:07 AM by The School District of Oconee County, SC
This season's Clemson-University of South Carolina football game may have come and gone but the impact will last in a variety of ways.  The athletes and fans of the two schools will either continue to tout the win or bemoan the loss.  For Seneca Middle School English/Language Arts teacher Cassie Moore, however, the impact will likely take a completely different form.  Moore was one of many teachers in South Carolina who encouraged their students to participate in the Read Your Way to the Big Game Contest sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education.  She was recently thrilled to learn she was one of just five educators statewide to win a $500 prize for that participation.  Being an enthusiastic lover of books herself and one who has a gift for inspiring a love of reading in her students, Moore undoubtedly has a plan for the prize money that involves books.  In fact, Moore said of her win, "I'm so glad that the Seneca Middle School media center promoted this event and supported all the students who participated.  It's wonderful to see that everyone knows how important it is to read.  The $500 will be used to buy class sets of novels so that all students can enjoy this generous gift."