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District Designates Make-up Days

posted Sep 21, 2017, 11:25 AM by The School District of Oconee County, SC

Due to time missed from school on September 11th and 12th during Hurricane Irma, the School District of Oconee County will use the first two scheduled inclement weather days as make-up days.  SDOC schools will now be in session on February 26 and March 30 to make up for the two days missed.

Walhalla Middle School and Oconee Academy also missed September 13th due to power outages.  To make up for that day, ONLY these two schools will attend school on Monday, October 23rd.  Buses will run routes as usual for these two schools on that day.

Students who already have plans on those make-up days can send in a note to the school and the absence will be excused.  Any absence does count against perfect attendance as the South Carolina definition of perfect attendance is that "students have not accumulated any absences - excused or unexcused."

State law requires school districts utilize at least three make-up days before additional days can be forgiven by local school boards or the state.  Parents can see the district calendar on the district website at