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Academic Dashboard

The School District of Oconee County has been charged by its school board to attain top 10 status among the 81 public school systems in South Carolina. The board has identified specific measurements to use for the evaluation of progress toward this goal.

This Academic Dashboard will provide information on these assessments and on the status of the district each year.

These assessments are: 
(Click on each assessment to see district level results on that measure) 

Descriptive Information on the Assessments Used by SDOC to Measure District Progress 

EOCEP (End-of-Course Examination Program)
  • Description: The End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) provides tests in high school core courses and for courses taken in middle school for high school credit. 
  • The examinations, which count 20 percent of the students' final grade in each gateway or benchmark course, currently include Algebra 1, English 1, U.S. History and the Constitution, and Biology 1. 
  • All students must pass a high school credit course in science for which there is a state end-of-course assessment during their high school career. Currently that test is the Biology 1 EOCEP test. 
  • Care should be exercised when interpreting results from students’ end-of-course assessments. Students may begin taking classes that require a state provided end-of-course test as early as seventh grade, while other students may not take the same test until their freshman or sophomore year of high school. Counselors endeavor to guide students to participate in end-of-course associated classes when students demonstrate their readiness for the course. Because participation varies so much from school to school and district to district, comparison data should be triangulated with other indicators of student achievement. 
SCREADY (South Carolina College and Career Ready Assessments)
  • The South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (SC READY) are statewide assessments in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics that will meet all of the requirements of Acts 155 and 200, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) , the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA), and the Assessments Peer Review guidance.  
  • All students in grades 3–8 are required to take the SC READY in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. 
  • SC READY Assessments are not timed, and are computer-based and paper-based testing will be available. 
SCPASS (South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards)
  • Description: The South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) is a statewide assessment administered to students in grades four through eight. Students in these grade levels are required to take the SCPASS except those who qualify for the South Carolina Alternate Assessment (SC-Alt). SCPASS includes tests in two subjects: science and social studies. 
  • SCPASS measures grades four through eight in two subjects: science and social studies.